• Product sponsors, organizational leaders, and decision-makers: who are focused on the ultimate business outcome of a product
  • Developers: who have ownership of bringing the product to life
  • Designers: who are responsible for the visual communication and experience of the product
  • Marketing teams: who will be focused on how to communicate about the product to key audiences
  • Customer support: who are on the frontline, and are likely to have the most in-depth user understanding on the team
  • Investors: who are solely focused on ROI
  • Your end-users: who are at the heart of everything.

What makes a Good User Story?

Stories can make or break a project, especially a highly technical one. Use INVEST framework to break down the user stories

Good stories are:

  • Independent (can be built separately to other stories)
  • Negotiable (requirements can be adapted)
  • Valuable (provides benefit to the end-user)
  • Estimable (to reasonable accuracy)
  • Small (can be built within one iteration)
  • Testable (can be verified by QA)

What is a good starting point when thinking about mobile experience?
Mobile traffic share and its conversion rate

What is the easiest technique to see the the mobile traffic share (% of total) progress over time?

Increasing sales becomes more challenging with each passing year as more competition enters even the most niche of markets. Meanwhile, as our company grows it can be difficult to reduce business expenses. Here are seven effective ways to cut costs for your online store.

  1. Use Marketing Metrics
  2. Reduce the Number of Products
  3. Use All the Discounts
  4. Find the Free Shipping Sweet Spot
  5. Efficient Packing
  6. Reduce the Interchange and Chargeback Fees
  7. Final Thoughts Decreasing expenses can benefit your ecommerce site.

WE’ve poured into this amazing up it only takes three taps for a user to completely wipe it from their device and that’s usually due to user experience problems.But the most important thing that actually makes people fall in love with your app is the design.
How easy is it to…

All successful digital products are all user-centric.

The Structure of Digital Design Thinking

Empathize with the user
Define the problem
Ideate the solution
Prototype the product
Test your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

How Do You Create a Product Roadmap? …

Product Management is a Mindset.
Set back and ask why.Curisoity about Product

Lean Approach
Dont overcommit before you validate.

Waterfall Approach
Make big, complex plans ahead of time.

Agile Methodology
A set of values to ensure a lean style of development

The Agile Manifesto
1.Individuals and interactions over processes and…


  • Low coupling
  • Improves modularity
  • Promotes parallel development
  • Promotes scalability


  • Infrastructure costs are usually higher
  • Integration testing complexity
  • Service management and deployment
  • Nanoservice anti pattern

Why do many microservices projects fail?

  • Lack of:
  • Planning
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Time

How to prevent your projects from failing?

  • Determine applicability
  • Prioritze automation
  • Have a clear plan
  • Avoid common pitfalls

Why is it important?

  • Significant amount of time setting up
  • Similar code for each microservice setup

What should the template contain?

Cross cutting concerns:


  • Metrics
  • Connection setup and configuration to database and message blocks

Project Structure:

List of Product Manager Interview Questions: Product Questions

  • How would you prioritize resources when you have two important things to do but can’t do them both?
  • Describe a scenario which required you to say no to an idea or project.
  • How do you decide what and what not to build?
  • What is a product you currently use every…

Choosing MVP

Focus on One Metrics:

Think past these metrics and what they mean.


  • Raise minutes consumed by 40%
  • Raise conversion from a free program to a paid program by X%

Minimum Criteria for success:

  • More concerned with certain metrics

What is Validation metrics:

  • Percentage of people that sign…

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